NOW is where the future meets the past.
Where the art of cooking inspires new connections.
Where you can eat your way around your neighbourhood.

The challenge

We believe the increasingly busy schedules enabled by technology have DISCONNECTED individuals from a healthy urban food chain and their community.

This has impacted population health, the economic viability of local businesses and the resilience of communities including; obesity, loneliness, food waste and transportation to name a few.

Our solution

NOW uses food and technology as a catalyst to address multiple issues surrounding busy lifestyles – health, isolation, food waste, transportation and local employment.  

NOW creates daily connections between people through food and improves community resilience. 

Our promise

We’re empowering food entrepreneurs while providing people with a local, sustainable alternative to takeaway that makes them feel more connected to others. We bring our experience offline too – with community events.

We value integrity, efficiency, community, learning and innovation, We care for people and our only planet earth.


Our mission

Our Mission is to improve the social, economic, and environmental wellbeing of communities.
One community at a time.

About me



My name is Ensiyeh and I am the founder of NOW. I grew up in Iran. 10 years living in NZ, and it took me time to develop close friendships like I had back home. This contributed to a sense of loneliness at times. After talking to many people about it, I realised it’s not only immigrants who can feel isolated. All people share a common bond – the want to belong. And in every culture food can help with that. You bring food and people gather.

In that way it’s more than food, it’s food for the soul.

My Journey as a researcher, architect, urban designer, artist and immigrant took me to NOW. I have big plans for where this homemade marketplace can take us, but for NOW let’s start with what’s on your plate.