NOW connects certified home chefs to hungry people


How does this work?

NOW is a purposeful enterprise, aiming to empower food entrepreneurs to start their food journey. We offer support with their food registration and marketing their dishes on our website. Each home kitchen is a separate business, and we are only a facilitator. The home cooks are not employed by us.

How do you make sure foods are safe?

To sell food on NOW, each cook must register their own kitchen with Auckland Council or Ministry for Primary Industries. Like any food business (e.g takeaway or restaurants) home cooks need to go through verification, kitchen inspection and need to have a food control plan. This ensures they follow standard safety practices during the storage, preparation, and cooking process.

How do you select cooks?

Every cook will be handpicked by NOW. We visit their kitchen and taste their sample dishes. Plus, we select cooks that are aligned with our mission.  

What happens when my food is not good?

We take food safety very seriously. If your food is unsafe or unsuitable you can contact us here. Although, NOW does not have any authority or liability, but we will discuss the issue with the cooks and if the issue persists, we will inform their verifying agency. Unfortunately, we cannot do anything if you do not like the taste of the food as this is more a personal preference.

Are you accepting food customisation?

Yes, to some degree. If you have any allergies or special requests, please contact us before you order to see if we can tailor the food based on your request.

Why there is only a minimum number of dishes available?

We are still in our trial phase, and we want to start small to focus on the quality and adjust our services to the market demand. Plus, most of our cooks do not work full time and work on a flexible basis. 

Why should I order in advance?

Our meals are cooked fresh daily and to minimise waste we require 24 hours advance orders.  You can order up to 10 days in advance. Our order cut off is 6:00 pm for the next day delivery.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, we accept a cancellation up to 24 hours before the delivery time. 

Food Complaint Form

At New Old Ways we take food safety very seriously. If you have experienced a food safety issue with your order, you can contact us here. However, NOW does not have any authority or liability here. We ensure all the cooks that are selling on our platform have a current licence and we report any issues to their verifier agency.