Cambodian Deep-Fried Vegetable Spring Rolls (3 per portion)

Homemade deep-fried spring rolls filled with fresh, crispy, seasonal vegetables, served with a sweet chilli dipping sauce


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This is a Cambodian classic and is hugely popular as a starter or snack to be enjoyed when catching up with friends and family or having a party. It’s absolutely delicious and a favourite street food that you’ll find in most Cambodian markets. The carrots, green beans and cabbage give it a fresh, crunchy texture and are deep-fried in a crisp spring roll wrapper and served with a sweet, tangy homemade chilli dipping sauce. It’s cooked fresh and best eaten warm to share with your family at home.


A single portion has three large spring rolls.


Carrots, green beans, cabbage, garlic, salt, oyster sauce, spring roll wrappers, pepper, chilli sauce 


Wheat, egg, milk. ALL our dishes are made in a home kitchen that may handle food made with nuts.  Please contact us if you have any specific allergies.



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