Egyptian Lamb Leg with Nutty Rice (serves 6 people)

Slow cooked lamb on bed of rice cooked with fried onion, nuts, saffron and raisin



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This is certainly a family dish for special occasions. Lam is slowly cooked for at least 4 hours. Rice is cooked with fried onion and nuts and saffron and has raisins on top. This special process of cooking rice gives it an elevated taste and makes it a perfect complement for the slow-cooked lamb. Due to the use of onion, the rice colour is brown.


A single portion is designed for 6 adults. 



Basmati rice, saffron, nuts, lamb leg, different nuts, onion, raisins


Nuts. All our dishes are made in a home kitchen with a trace of nuts. Please contact us if you have any specific allergies.



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