Indian Lamb and Potato Curry

Slow-cooked Gujarati lamb and potato curry served with basmati rice and two wholemeal roti



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The combination of succulent lamb pieces and potatoes slowly cooked in a rich, spicy tomato sauce is what makes this curry so special. It originates from Gujarat in the western part of India and is perfect for a family meal on a cold winter night. It’s a warm, hearty curry that’s sure to become a firm household favourite.


A single portion is designed for one adult. However, if you are a small eater you may have leftovers for the next day.


Lamb, tomatoes, garlic, onion, ginger, Indian spices, basmati rice, olive oil, wholemeal flour, wheat flour, salt, coriander, lemon


Does contain gluten. All our dishes are made in a home kitchen with a trace of nuts. Please contact us if you have any specific allergies.



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